We apologise but we are not currently accepting any further one off consultation projects due to devoting all of our time and resources to our regular local business clients.

We are however still accepting new clients onto our local business online marketing program.

For further information please request a free strategy call.

Digital Marketing / SEO Consultant

Experiencing a problem with your SEO or online marketing?

Our consultation service can help. We are based in Bournemouth but can offer consultation worldwide.

Some local businesses are doing most of the basic things right and just need a digital marketing / SEO consultant for a few hours to help resolve one or two specific problems.

Common problems vary according to your type of business but may include:

  • One or more of your target keywords not quite making it onto the first page of results.
  • Poor GMB optimisation blocking your business from appearing in the local search results.
  • A Google penalty.
  • Spammy backlinks destroying your rankings.
  • Content not getting indexed due to a poorly optimised website.
  • A high bounce rate off your landing page.
  • Citation errors hurting your rankings.
  • Poor rankings due to over optimised pages.
  • Site visitors bouncing due to irrelevant or uninteresting content.
  • Poor user experience resulting in poor conversion metrics.
  • Slow site loading due to under optimised pages.
  • A slow/user unfriendly mobile version of your site.
  • Poorly designed CTA's.
  • Under optimised social media presence.
  • Underperforming email marketing campaigns.
  • Ineffective lead capture system.

The above are just a few of the most common problems we have helped local businesses to overcome and there are many more important criteria that must be satisfied to ensure your web presence is fully optimised.

However, many of our previous clients have experienced a significant increase in sales simply by rectifying one or two of the above issues.

When you book us to provide consulting for your online marketing problems you can expect us to:

  • Research all aspects of the problems you are experiencing.
  • Produce a detailed report detailing the problem and recommended solutions.
  • Supply you with a detailed roadmap of the exact steps required to implement the solutions.

If required, we can work with you to implement the solutions to ensure a positive outcome.

We charge £145 / hr for our consulting services and most common problems including search engine optimisation issues can usually be identified within a couple of hours.

90% of common problems are usually fully resolved in less than 5 hrs. 

As we are a small specialised SEO and digital marketing agency we can only work with a handful of local businesses at any one time.

Which also means that we can usually provide a very fast turn-around to get you back up to speed online.

If your looking to move up with SEO and digital marketing - and grow your local business -let's talk.

As a small specialised SEO and digital marketing agency, we can't work with every business.

We can only work with you if you are a small to medium size local business looking to move up in the rankings and increase your sales.

For most types of business, we can work with you if we do not already have another client in the same geographical area competing for the same target market. Although we would love to work with every business, we avoid conflicts of interest.

Can you work with us ?

Our local business online marketing program is designed to help you grow your business, boost your rankings and skyrocket your sales.

If you are a good match for one of the following descriptions let's get together and talk about how we can help you to get real measurable results:

Your business generates in excess of £200k per year revenue.

You have secured funding to grow your business.

You are ready to invest between £500 and £5k per month to achieve more enquiries and sales from your website.

You are looking for a long term relationship that provides real lasting results.

Sounds like you? Lets talk.