Content and The Sales Funnel: How to Improve Your Content to Improve Conversions

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So, you’ve got your website all set-up. This is your attempt to attract new customers and possibly keep loyal ones. You’ve poured out your time and resources (mostly your money) on your website because you thought the returns would outweigh all of these investments.

Most of the competition has a strong online presence so you shouldn’t be left out, right?

But no matter how much you spend on your website, if you don’t have interesting content for your customer experience, all of these efforts will be useless. You’re just basically wasting your resources. If you don't have traffic already, obviously consider investing into SEO or pay per lead. A good Pay per lead company should be able to drive traffic to your website with ROI provided you get your sales funnel done correctly. For you to ensure you get more than just online traffic and actually convert these visitors into sales, you might want to consider these key content tips:

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Include customer testimonies and product reviews

One of the reasons why customers don’t do business is because they don’t trust your business just yet, especially if you’re still new in the industry. For them to have that feeling of trust, and confidence in whatever you’re selling, show testimonies of how your previous customers were satisfied after doing business with you.

  • Devote a space in your website where visitors can easily read how many customers you have worked with and what their responses were to your products and services.
  • It’s helpful if you can include pictures for each customer to give authenticity to the profile.
  • Add product reviews to the product pages to help keep them on your website for longer.

Once visitors read these, they’ll be more comfortable in doing business with you since they already know that other customers vouch for you and your products or services.

Show the benefits

When a visitor opens your website, it means that they already have an intent in purchasing products and services from you. They might still be hesitant because:

  • They might be looking at different companies for options.
  • They still don’t have that sense of urgency to purchase from you.

You can address both of these by including a list or a video of how the product or service can benefit your visitors. Your benefits should be different from the competitors to make sure that you can easily get the viewer’s attention. Let them know that their lives will be easier and more convenient once they purchase from you. Imagine yourself communicating to your visitors personally – then showcase these benefits through your content in product descriptions and services pages of your website.

Create a sense of urgency

Online visitors might look into your website but end up purchasing from you three months after their visit. If you want to earn sales as soon as a possible, you might want to address this issue. And there’s one way to do that – by creating a sense of urgency to your visitors. You can do this by:

  • Offering limited-time discounts to your visitors.
  • Providing a free webinar for the first ten visitors who will submit their e-mail address to you.

The options on how you can do this are limitless; you just have to make sure that it fits your business niche and targets appropriate customers.

Include as few fields as possible

Your business is an online magazine, and you want to gain thousands of subscribers. You offer a free subscription for the first month, and then charges will apply in the succeeding months. However, you’ve been struggling to get subscribers because competition has become tougher in the past months. The best solution for this dilemma? Ask your visitors to submit their e-mail address the moment they open your website. Take note: ask for their e-mail address ONLY. You don’t want to require too much information from them at the beginning, because nobody has the time for that. You need to make the subscription process quick and simple to gain more subscribers fast.

Offer various payment options

So, there’s this one visitor who’s interested in purchasing products from you. They were already in the check-out section of your website, but found out that their credit card is not accepted on your website as a payment method. Because of this your potential customer chose to do business with another company who actually supports their payment method. This is a typical scenario for businesses, so make sure you save yourself from it.

  • Research all the payment methods in the market today and apply these to your website, check out Shopify credit card reader.
  • Yes, it might cost you some money to do this but just remember that this will help you gain profit in the long run.

Showcase the icons on your website to show what payment methods you support for better conversion.

Use a chat tool

Visitors would want their concerns to be addressed as soon as possible. Nobody wants to wait, and this notion should also be applied to your website. While your website is very informative already, some visitors just don’t have the will to browse through all the content of your webpage. They want a response to their question ASAP, and in the most convenient way. You can meet the visitors’ demand by providing an online chat tool for them. Here, visitors can simply type in whatever questions they have, and a representative from your company will respond in real-time. This helps to build customer relations, which in turn can lead to more sales.

  1. Use your visitors’ language

Any business has their internet jargon. You’ll have no problem using this when you’re talking to your employees and staff, but when you’re talking to your potential customers such as your online visitors, it’s a whole different story. Your website content should be conveyed through the simplest words. Hire a content writer if you need to, or agencies that specialise in copywriting. When looking for what content to write, or to find out what content your readers are looking for, try the Bubble Up SEO Method!

  • Avoid using snobbish words or jargon.
  • You want to make sure that you get across the right message to your visitors – consider what language would be familiar to them and try to mimic it.

Remember that your website is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world so put yourself in their shoe. Make sure to manually proofread your content for any mistake or use a proofreading software to double check.

The experts at Emerald Digital know that nowadays, it’s no longer enough that you have a website for your business. You should be able to reach out to your customers and make a connection with them. You have to make sure that they’ll actually choose your business over others because that’s the only way you can get a sale. Sure, all of these can be very overwhelming – especially if you’re still new in the business. But with the tips presented in this article, you’ll know better what to do and how to do it. Don’t forget to experiment with the different approaches which may be suited for your business, and over time you’ll see more customers make their way through the sales funnel.


Guest Post by Bill Sheikh

I am the founder/owner of one of the top digital marketing companies in Oklahoma, U-Thrive Marketing. I have helped hundreds of businesses across the US put their business on the map online & offline.  I specialize in generating customers for the businesses he works with by using tried and tested online marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Local SEO, Conversion Optimization & Social Media marketing. My company is also one of the few Google Partner digital marketing agencies in the state of  Oklahoma. I have also been personally featured on many national and local publications with content related to online marketing.


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