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How to knock out Mike Tyson and boost your business with Local SEO.

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So you might be thinking:

“Is this just a bullshit article title designed to get me to click on it only to find out that it’s actually a sales pitch for Local SEO services?”

And the answer to that is yes.

And No!

Because I do own a Local SEO business in Bournemouth and it would be really great if you decide to give us a call to help you to boost your sales, but also I really am going to explain in detail how you can knock out the ex-heavyweight champion of the world.

You’re probably wondering why and more likely how?

But before I go into more detail lets go back in time a little to this morning when I was sat having a coffee with Marvin my business partner.

A few years back prior to becoming an SEO consultant, Marvin was an amateur boxer who competed in the Bournemouth and Dorset area as well as Nationally.

During our conversation we somehow ended up discussing the prospect of fighting Mike Tyson, it’s an odd subject to wander onto I know, and I’m not sure how we got there, but we did.

“So if Mike Tyson was about to unleash his fists on you in a violent rage, what would you do?” Marvin asked.

I stood up, picked up the heavy pine kitchen chair I had been sitting on a few moments before, raised it above my head, angled slightly back as if ready to attack and replied: “I would smash this full force over his head”

Moving forward quickly I quickly put down the chair and grabbed the steel kettle and cafetiere from the table whilst moving forward toward an imaginary shocked Mike Tyson and continued…

“Then I’d use these as fists until I was sure he wasn’t going to be able to get back up and kill me”.

And in the imaginary movie playing in my head, I was now safe, so I put down the kitchen appliances and sat down to continue drinking my coffee.

Marvin looked at me and said:

“But that would be against the rules”

“I know” I replied

“But I would still be alive”

“And have both of my ears”

Which brings us directly to the main thrust of this article: For your local business to thrive you need to make your own rules.

You can’t compete with the big businesses if you play by their rules.

Local SEO changes the rules

Let’s jump straight in with an example which I hope will help illustrate this concept.

First, quickly think of a big business that sells bicycles: I’m hoping you thought “Halfords”.

But even if you didn’t, let’s use them anyway as they are the biggest bicycle retailer in the UK and have an annual marketing budget in excess of 15 million pounds.

So imagine if you are a bicycle shop in Bournemouth hoping to attract local customers to purchase your bikes and services.

There are over 500 people per month searching for “Bicycle shop Bournemouth” and related keywords.

So can you compete against a company with a 15,000,000 marketing budget?

Let’s find out by typing “Bicycle shop Bournemouth into Google”

Local pack result bicycle shop bournemouth

Halfords is nowhere to be seen and the Local Businesses listed will get approx 50% of calls and click throughs.

Let’s try another.

Who advertises their breakfasts on national TV at a cost of millions of pounds?So let’s do a search for “breakfast Bournemouth”

So let’s do a search for “breakfast Bournemouth”


Local pack result breakfast Bournemouth

Maccy D’s sure isn’t lovin that local pack search result!

That keyword phrase alone gets over 150 searches a month in Bournemouth and when you include the other related keyword combinations it runs to several hundred per month.

But it’s only a couple of quid for a breakfast you may be thinking?

And to that, I would reply“But what is the lifetime value of attracting a new client who becomes a regular customer?”

And those 3 businesses will get a share of over 50% of all searches, every month.

So how does this affect you and your local business you may be thinking?

And the answer to that question is:.

Local search has changed the rules.

It is difficult for big business to adapt their marketing quickly to focus on local SEO. You can beat big businesses in your local area if you take advantage of the opportunity.

As for fighting Mike Tyson, go for it in your imagination but if it ever becomes necessary in real life then do exactly as I would do:

Scream and run the other way.

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