Link Building


You probably already know this and that’s why you’re here.

Of course you can just buy links online, some will help boost your rankings and most could damage your website. If you check your spam folder you will probably see hundreds of offers there, additionally you can check out – plenty of suppliers there.

If however you are a serious business and want quality links which refers relevant traffic, boost your website authority and dominate your competition in Google without the dreaded risk of penalty, then you probably need to earn real white-hat links from real sites.

It can be difficult to find somebody who can build white-hat links in a scalable way. This is because link building is a difficult and time consuming process, too much for a single person to handle.



  1. Find link opportunities and filter them to the relevant sites you would want a backlink and traffic from.
  2. Create interesting content, images, or video that can be of value to another website owner and their audience.
  3. Reach out to the website owners about your content which could be of interest to their audience.

The result is a backlink and some referral traffic.

This is the process flow for acquiring quality links of any type, be that link roundups, broken link building, resource pages, guest posts etc. So between finding link opportunities, creating content and reaching out to other website owners, there just wouldn’t be enough time in the day for a single person to run a link building campaign.

Most businesses who hire an SEO consultant online or a local agency face a problem, either the links are poor quality bordering spam or they produce quality content but they can’t scale them enough at an affordable cost.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing, steer away from cheap links, PBNs, and any ‘seo expert’ who guarantees you no.1 rankings for £200. Trust me that you get what you pay for, and I doubt you want to pay for anything that does more harm than good, or even nothing at all.


Our system allows us to scale any link building campaign for a wide variety of different links whereby we are able to rival and outperform the biggest agencies out there.

We believe in complete transparency in what we do and only build links on high quality websites with a high domain authority, or on local or niche relevant websites.

As an example, consider this:

If you were a wedding piano player, would you prefer to get a backlink from a wedding dress store or a pest control company?

If you are plumber targeting customers in Bournemouth, would you prefer traffic from a site with an audience from Bournemouth or a website with an audience from Turkey?

We think you know which are the highest quality links, and so does Google! Not only is it a conversion issue, but it’s also an algorithm SEO issue. More high authority, niche or locally relevant backlinks score higher with Google.


We are completely transparent with our methods and if you are interested in the process, you will have access to the project plan right from the start.

You will see the exact schedule of your campaign. It’s updated in real-time and shows all communications and the work being done by our link prospectors, outreach experts and writers.

You’ll see exactly what links have been built, the number of visitors from each link and the approximate number of calls and enquiries generated as a result of the new visitors.

Because after all, links are nice, traffic is even better and conversion is best!

In our opinion, this is the most affordable way to get proper SEO done. Anyone can hire an overseas worker pumping out links using automated software or old fashion tactics such as social bookmarking.  In 6 months’ time however, your website may still be stuck with no results to show, or even worse, you would need to hire someone like us to clean up the mess they have made.

Our link building strategy relies on good content marketing strategies to earn links from other websites. A successful campaign will build relationships, increase brand awareness, and bring in a ton of referral traffic, all the while increasing your website authority to improve rankings.


  • Guest Posts
  • Resource Pages
  • Link Roundups
  • Broken Link Building
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Infographics
  • Press Release
  • Sponsored Post
  • Link Reclamation
  • Blog and Forum Commenting

Every single link type above relies somewhat on content, whether it be on your site or a guest post on another website. That is why they say, “Content is King”.


  1. The link prospector builds a list of potential links.
  2. Outreach manager evaluates each prospect for pitch type (link reclamation, resource page, guest post etc.)
  3. Outreach manager sends an email pitch to the prospect.
  4. If accepted, outreach manager will assign the content to a suitable writer.
  5. After receiving written content, outreach manager will follow up and submit content for review.
  6. Land the link, track and record.


We don’t build links to trick Google into adding value to your website at the risk of getting caught down the line. Playing cat and mouse with Google is never a good idea especially with your business website.

We only build links that we know will always be of value, not just to Google but to your users. Over time the links will bring you traffic, increase your organic rankings, increase domain authority and establish your web presence online.

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For most types of business, we can work with you if we do not already have another client in the same geographical area competing for the same target market. Although we would love to work with every business, we avoid conflicts of interest.

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