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Link Exchange And Guest Posts; What Is Acceptable For SEO?

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Just how far can you go with link exchanges? We all want a backlink to someone else’s website every now and then, but is the value actually appreciated? There are some – or maybe even most – out there that would detest to the concept of a valuable link exchange. It’s not earned, so why should it place your website on a higher ranking than your competitor?

SEO and how it has been perceived.

Matt Cutts, the former head of Google Webspam, mentioned his thoughts on how guest posts were useless and outdated. Many SEO’s were beginning to get discouraged and started to stray away from guest posts. Although the voiced opinions of the former head of Google Webspam should be considered, guest posts being out of style was not necessarily the case.

The main issues with guest posts are the constant spamming. SEO’s try their hardest to riddle a website with their own content, causing an unwanted flood of guest posts and site links.

Google’s strict policy on guest post spam.

Google has tried their best to allow websites and companies to rank high on their search engine, however; many people have sought to take advantage of this by manipulating the system. The discouragement of rampant guest posts was implemented by Google instead of incorporating more sophisticated algorithms that only takes up time.

A viral search engine, Google has a rather strict policy regarding what is legitimate for their daily users.

How does link exchange fit into the equation?

There was a time when link exchanging was the trend of the century. Black Hat SEO was actually the primary name of the trend. Many people would gather together and link to each other to rise to the top of the search engine.

Eventually, Google started to catch on to this little method and decided to lay a rule in place. This rule could not be avoided or changed because of the formulated algorithm. This algorithm automatically lowered the value of links that were being irresponsibly exchanged between sites. Talk about being fed up.

Link exchanges were greatly discouraged and soon afterward discontinued for awhile. Just like other SEO’s, a question occurred to my mind. How would Google know if I, or anyone else for that matter, has irresponsibly used a link exchange? Let’s consider these inquiries:

  • What if the link exchange was mutual and relevant to one another.
  • What if the link exchange was implemented as a way to open up for more guest posts that relate to one another?
  • Does Google devalue a link exchange no matter how the trade was made or how relevant it was to the chosen website brand?

Google can’t honestly predict what your next move will be, nor can they telepathically see your actions as a means of knowing your intentions. Google did not intend on eliminating backlinks, they only wanted to limit the process of spammy guest posts that will lead nowhere.

How Google handles backlinks and guest posts.

Google has strategically set up an algorithm that will determine the value of a backlink or a link within a guest post. Here are a few questions Google has to ask before making an ultimate choice:

  • Just how relevant is the link to opposing website? Is the link being exchanged to different companies and services?
  • Is the website you are posting your link to credible? How many links/guest posts do they have on their website that is actually related to their services and goods?
  • What does the link contain exactly? Is this a link that leads to a page filled with nonrelatable contents?

What can the past and future SEO’s do to make sure their links and guest posts are valued?

  • If you are to use backlinks, make sure the backlinks are relevant to the content that you are linking to, vice versa.
  • Double check the website you wish the link to. If you start linking to a site filled with spammy content, your content won’t rank any higher than the chosen website.
  • Take consideration into which links you incorporate into your guest posts. The entire content of the post should remain relatable to the desired site for a higher value.

You should be able to notice a significant difference in ranking when you take these precautions. You may not notice at all if you have never had any of these roadblocks in your way.


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