Local SEO - Putting You On the Map

If you want to be found by people searching for a product or service in your geographical area – you really HAVE to be on the Google Local Maps Pack. The local maps pack will decide if it’s you or your competition that your customers are going to find when they search for your services online.

As an example, “plumber in Bournemouth” has over 800 people in Bournemouth searching for that term every month. How great will it be if your business is on the top of the first results page?

According to the latest statistics, 88% of mobile users are searching on their phones with local intent – meaning 88% of mobile users are searching for services, products, directions and information to places near them. If they happen to be searching for your service but your competition is showing up instead, guess who’s getting their business?

Consultation - Can We Help You?

One of the first things we’ll do is familiarise ourselves with your business. We need to know about your products, services and location. From there, we can determine whether a local SEO campaign would be effective for you. In the case that it isn’t, a national SEO campaign, social media or pay per click campaign may be more suitable for your needs.

However, if we know we can deliver value, then it doesn’t matter if you have a “bricks and mortar” business, service area business, or have multiple locations – what’s important is that people are looking for you. Because if they are, we need to put you on the map?

Our Approach

Ranking on top of the search engines consists of over 200 ranking factors. If you really want to know what they are, you can read about them here. However it’s not so much knowing what they are that is the task, it is actually doing them.

We have a systematic approach to meeting these ranking factors and do everything ethically or “white-hat.” This means that we don’t take shortcuts or use “shady” tactics to achieve short term results which risk a penalty from Google in the future. Below are the steps we take in order to rank you on top of Google.

Local SEO Audit

Before we start your SEO campaign, we need to do a full, comprehensive analysis of your business and its current optimisation for the local maps pack.

We will begin with research on which relevant keywords you should be ranking for and then ordering them in terms of search volume and keyword difficulty. We will then analyse what your business is doing correctly in terms of SEO, and where it’s lacking. We can then create an action plan.

We have a general 5-step process for ranking businesses on the local pack, but each campaign is customised to fit your needs. For example, if your business has many citations but is lacking in reviews and backlinks, then we will focus on Step 1: Google My Business page optimisation of our work in generating positive reviews and backlinks.


First, we find, claim or create your Google My Business page. This is where it all begins. Everything needs to be optimised and entered correctly, as your website and citations have to match the information provided here.  To improve your ranking in the local pack, a wide range of information can be uploaded to GMB. This can range from simple categories and text descriptions to multiple images and videos providing in-depth info on your local business. This is a simple enough task, but can go drastically wrong if you enter incorrect details, over-optimise, or under-optimise. These can be simple mistakes such as choosing the main category as pizza rather than “restaurant.”

GMB optimisation requirements include:

  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Full Description
  • Image optimisation
  • 100% profile completion
  • Business verification


Back in the old days of SEO, all you needed to do was stuff your website with keywords and it would be highly ranked. That may no longer be the case, but website optimisation still serves as the foundation for ranking your website. Your website should communicate to Google that:

  • It’s relevant to user search
  • It’s user friendly
  • It’s trustworthy

We achieve the above by optimising your website to have a user friendly design, fast loading pages, mobile responsive, SEO friendly URL structure, LSI keywords, useful content, authentic images, and technical SEO elements such as schema tags, alt tags, clean code, etc.

There is so much more—we have a 50 point checklist and will run your website through from top to bottom to ensure it meets every single criteria. We have web design professionals guided by SEO experts. The result is a well designed, user-friendly website that also happens to be search engine friendly.


Citations are mentions of your business name, address, and phone number in close proximity within the same page. You can build structured citations on services such as Yell, Yelp, or Yahoo Local, or you can build unstructured citations such as blog posts, forum comments and social media. We will run your business through a citation analysis, which will display any inconsistencies, duplicates, or incorrect information with your citations. There are many opportunities for citations, and it still counts as one of the main local ranking factors. Google is looking for quality and relevance over quantity. That is why we build the following type of citations:

  • Big Citations – Citations you must have such as Yell, Yelp, CityVisitor.
  • Hyper Local Citations – Tell Google that you are from the city you say you are in by getting hyper-local citations. For example, businesses in Bournemouth should build citations in Bournemouth Echo business directory.
  • Niche Citations – If you run a hair salon, then your business should be listed or mentioned in salon related websites. We find the most relevant websites from which to get citations, specific to your niche.
  • Rich Media Citations – Images, Videos, Infographics, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – We get your business out there.


A truly effective SEO strategy knows how to generate links, and all links worth having are earned. The one true way to earn links from other websites is through great content. We have writers who can turn any boring topic into something interesting and informational that other websites will link to. We also have an outreach team that can reach out to the right influencers to link to your content. Some of our link building methods include Guest Posting, Link Roundups, Press Releases, Resource Pages, Infographics, and Videos.

We are always looking for link building opportunities and how to best market your content so that the traffic comes to you.


Google places a high ranking value on the reviews of your customers. As part of our local SEO services, we will develop a strategy that will let your business monitor its reviews, encourage customers to leave good reviews, and minimise the number of bad reviews you receive. This plan will be designed specifically for your business type to ensure the best possible reviews are posted about you.

We manage reviews for more than just Google, what your customers are saying about you on Facebook, Yell, or depending on the niche, Tripadvisor also matters.

If your looking to move up with SEO and digital marketing - and grow your local business -let's talk.

As a small specialised SEO and web marketing agency, we can't work with every business.

We can only work with you if you are a small to medium size local business looking to move up in the rankings and increase your sales.

For most types of business, we can work with you if we do not already have another client in the same geographical area competing for the same target market. Although we would love to work with every business, we avoid conflicts of interest.

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