With our no nonsense approach to local SEO, web design and conversion optimization, you’ll see your rankings, traffic, and revenue go up.


How we will outrank every SEO Agency in Bournemouth in 90 days – The Challenge

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Hurry, there’s a train coming!

OK, Lets forget about Local SEO and Digital Marketing for a moment and consider something entirely different. Because it can get slightly tedious all this talk about search engines. To be brutally honest,  even I sometimes get sick of it. So lets discuss a different kind of engine…. A steam engine…A big huffing chuffing locomotive full ... Read more...
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Convert your website visitors into customers! Throw a great party.

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10X Your Business with Google Traffic

Our proven local SEO strategies will help you dominate local business competition by driving Google traffic.


BubbleLocal SEO Poole - Digital Marketing Agency for Local Businesses Around The Globe

Are you reaping the benefits of an effective online presence? Can your prospective customers find you when they go online to search for a local business?  Is your website optimized to convert traffic into contacts and sales?

We can help you with that.

BubbleLocal is a small, specialized Poole SEO and internet marketing company and we have worked with many B2C and B2B local businesses across the UK and internationally. We have helped dozens of local businesses to get found online and optimised their websites to convert more search engine traffic into real-world sales.

And we can do the same for you.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

SEO Agency - Local Pack

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Bournemouth Man and Van - Local Pack

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Local SEO

maps pack for cleaners in bournemouth

I have been a professional SEO in Liverpool for over 6 years. I've worked with BubbleLocal on a few projects now and I can say without a doubt that Jeff and his team know all the ins and outs of SEO that really gets results.

From outranking e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay to ranking a local business almost immediately, they never fail to surprise me. If your business can benefit from Google traffic, then there's no better team to turn to.

Oskar Nowik, OskarSEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a specialized, research-oriented process that deals with editing and examining websites. Its whole purpose is to help companies rank higher for certain keywords on search engines like Google and Bing. Here at BubbleLocal, we have a talented group of Poole SEO Experts eager to help you raise those profits up to the sky.

SEO is a valuable and crucial marketing strategy any modern business must implement in order to succeed in today’s world. Chances are your main competitors are already investing on SEO consultants to try rank higher than you. There is also a big chance you’re already losing money over this, and no company can afford that.

Including SEO and digital marketing into your business is a must for every modern company that aims to have a strong internet presence. After all, you might have the world’s best website, but that doesn’t mean anything if no one can find you. Allow one of BubbleLocal’s Poole SEO Services to guide you through this process and you’ll witness how rapidly your site's traffic and conversion rates go through the roof.

Increase your Visibility

Visibility means you’re easily noticed by people. The core mission of SEO is to increase your visibility online by ranking you all the way to the first page of search engines. If you’re not convinced of the power of SEO yet, you should answer this question: How often do you click on the second page when shopping or researching online? Not very often, we assume. That’s because most people don’t do it either. By reaching the first page (and possibly the first place), your visibility will go up, and so will your web’s traffic and revenue.

Cost-Effective marketing

When you work with true SEO professionals like us, search engine optimisation can become the most cost-effective and affordable marketing strategy available. When you compare the cost and effectiveness of SEO with other strategies like pay-per-click, you’ll find that SEO is much cheaper and achieves greater results. Our Poole SEO experts will design the best possible strategy for your business, preventing you from spending money on services you don’t actually need.

Traffic generation

If you’re even somehow familiar with digital marketing, you know that traffic and visibility are closely tied. Higher visibility equals higher traffic because most people click on the first results of a search engine. Now traffic is also closely tied with brand awareness. In the end, it all comes down to having more clicks, more visitors, and a higher chance of making those visitors become customers. Also, one of the main benefits of SEO is that it works like a vicious cycle. If your SEO rankings are high, you get more traffic, which in return helps you rank even higher and helps your site become more authoritative.

All companies are striving to get to that point, but what happens if you are trying to rank in a highly competitive market? Here at BubbleLocal, we count with experienced professionals who are not afraid to tackle this issue. The best example you can find is the way you found us by just typing Poole SEO Agency. Did you know Poole has a highly competitive SEO market? If we can rank something as difficult as that keyword, imagine what we can accomplish with your business!

Increase in revenue

Let’s cut to the chase. The main goal of marketing is to get more revenue by achieving more and more sales. We are aware that you run a business, and so you are expecting to see the results of your investment. By trusting us with your Poole SEO efforts, we will get you those results as part of our no-nonsense approach. Our mission is to make your site thrive, period.

Your customers buying habits have radically changed:


Use the internet to find a local business


Phone the business after finding them online


Search online for a local business at least once a week

A conversion optimised web presence gets you results:

Get more search traffic

Search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing attracts your target clients to your site when they search online. 

Keep visitors on your site

A well-designed website containing interesting and relevant content acts like a magnet to keep new visitors on your site. 

Visitors become customers

Carefully designed content combined with conversion optimisation techniques encourages visitors to become customers.

Stop guessing about the best SEO and internet marketing techniques and start doing the basic things right.

To be brutally honest, a lot of bulls**t is written about SEO and digital marketing. Here at BubbleLocal SEO Poole, we have a down to earth approach focussed on getting the basics right. In a nutshell, the goal of online marketing for local businesses is to get your website in front of people when they are searching for your product or service and then to convert your visitors to customers:

SEO, social media marketing and content marketing gets you in front of your prospective customers when they search for your product or service.  

A well-designed website combined with magnetic content keeps your visitors on your site. Creating trust and rapport and optimising your site for conversion encourages your visitors to purchase your products or services.  

Get all three right and you are already miles ahead of most of your competitors.  

Get all three right and now you have an online marketing engine running 24/7 creating real-world results for your business.  

If your looking to move up with SEO and digital marketing - and grow your local business -let's talk.

As a small specialised web marketing and SEO agency in Poole, we can't work with every business.

We can only work with you if you are a small to medium size local business looking to move up in the rankings and increase your sales.

For most types of business, we can work with you if we do not already have another client in the same geographical area competing for the same target market. Although we would love to work with every business, we avoid conflicts of interest.

Can you work with us ?

Our local business online marketing program is designed to help you grow your business, boost your rankings and skyrocket your sales.

If you are a good match for one of the following descriptions let's get together and talk about how we can help you to get real measurable results:

Your business generates in excess of £200k per year revenue.
You have secured funding to grow your business.
You are ready to invest between £500 and £5k per month to achieve more enquiries and sales from your website.
You are looking for a long term relationship that provides real lasting results.

Sounds like you? Lets talk.



Search engine optimization (SEO)

At BubbleLocal SEO Poole, our consultants work hard to identify your most profitable keywords based on search volumes and buyer intent. We optimise your site and your entire web presence to give the search engines exactly what they want to see. When someone searches for your product or service, you want them to find you!

Social media

We will help you to select the most suitable social media channels, help you to develop an overall strategy for content updates and show you how to leverage your social media presence to increase your search engine rankings and your site visits.

Pay per click

We can help you to develop a paid search strategy to advertise special offers and target specific demographics relevant to your business. We create a dedicated landing page for each campaign to increase conversion rates


Content marketing strategy

Having great articles, images and videos on your site keeps your visitors returning. We help you to create a steady flow of relevant, interesting and useful content that your prospective customers want.

Guest posting

By guest posting high quality articles on high traffic sites used by your target market we can achieve an increase in your site traffic as well as an increase in your site rankings.



Usability design/ user experience(UX)

Are your visitors bouncing off your site before they purchase?  We optimise your site for conversion by designing your site to be easy to use and easy for your prospective customers to purchase from you.



Step 1: First we listen to you

At BubbleLocal SEO Poole, we begin every new web project exactly the same way. Our first task is to find out exactly how your business works and to spend some time listening to you about your online plans and goals. Request a free strategy call or if you are local then you are welcome to call into our office in Poole. Every business is different and we will only move onto the next stage when we fully understand how your business operates and what you want to achieve online.

Step 2: What is your competition doing online?

Now that we understand your business and your goals we move on to some online research to check out your competition. Some of your competitors will already be doing some basic things right and it will be easy to find them as they will appear on the first page of the search engine results page in response to relevant keyword queries. Google has changed the rules for local business searches, you have probably seen the "local pack" and map on the first page of search results in response to a local search term. Local businesses who appear in the pack will share approx 50% of all clickthroughs from any given search query.

We take a very close look at your competitors who appear on the first page of search results. We analyse dozens of criteria including website optimisation, citations, backlinks, page authority, domain authority, Google business optimisation and site usage statistics. We do not move on to the next stage until we are confident that we fully understand all of the factors that are pushing your competitors to the top of the search results.

Step 3: Local SEO audit

The next stage is analysing your website and internet presence. We research all information about your business that exists online: social media presence, citations, backlinks, mentions, reviews, testimonials, GMB profile, images, videos and articles. We then analyse your website including structure, content, optimisation for search engines and optimisation for conversion. The output of this stage is a report highlighting exactly what we are going to do to push your business forward to the front page. You will also receive a report detailing what we will be doing to optimise your site to convert more visitors into customers.

You are probably aware by now that we don't just do SEO or content marketing or social media marketing or web design or conversion optimisation. There is a reason for that: they all work together! We approach your project with a whole system view.

Step 4: SEO and marketing strategy

Now we understand what your competitors are doing to achieve their positions on the first page of results and we also understand what we need to do to get you there. Our next step is to develop a strategy and create a project plan.

The project plan will detail exactly what we are going to do to get you onto the first page and boost your conversions. Some of the steps will include: search engine optimisation, website speed optimisation, social media marketing, citation building, review system implementation,  creation of high-quality backlinks, content marketing (both onsite and guest posting), user experience improvements, conversion optimisation, keyword research and mobile optimisation. We may also implement email marketing, virtual assistants, online booking systems and live help support.

Your website is a crucially important part of your online presence and we will critically evaluate the structure, content and conversion optimisation metrics. At this stage, it is sometimes necessary to suggest addition/modification of content and possibly some design changes.

Step 5: Analytics

At every stage of the process, we use analytics to keep track of our progress.  You receive regular progress reports on your rankings, reviews, visitor numbers and visitor activities on your site. We also generate regular reports on your competitors to keep track of any changes to their overall online performance.

Keep it up

We see you as a partner, not just a client and we understand that we are entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. We work long and hard to ensure that you get great results because we want you to continue to work with us. Our ongoing mission is to continually monitor and improve all aspects of your online performance: monitor your reviews and online reputation, keep track of rankings for your target keywords, implement  ongoing content marketing, track visitor stats and site usage metrics, track conversion metrics and leverage your social media presence to raise awareness of your brand/products and site content.

You will receive monthly reports which we use as a reference for our ongoing communications.


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