Local SEO Audit

The first step of a local SEO campaign is an SEO audit. An SEO audit is a manual analysis of your web presence, conducted to give insight into what’s possible, how strong your competition is, and your current strengths and weaknesses in regards to online presence. This will include an overall SEO evaluation of your website’s technical SEO, a content audit, a citations check-up, a GMB check, and competition analysis.

What will a local SEO audit show me?

A local SEO audit will show you where you are doing well and where you’re doing poorly on the ranking factors. It will also make a clear comparison between you and your competitors to see exactly what you can work on in order to outrank them.

Previous SEO work done?

Google is always updating its algorithm. What worked yesterday could get you penalised tomorrow. That’s why we always use ethical white-hat methods.

If there are a lot of spam links to your site or incorrect citations, they could be hurting your rankings and we would definitely need to clean those up. If you have a manual penalty, then we need to identify which Google update affected your rankings and see what we can do to reverse the effect. When we have identified what SEO work has been done previously on your website, we can look carefully at those specific areas and do whatever is necessary to ensure negative effects are reduced or neutralised.

Our Local SEO Audit Checklist

Google Maps results tend to reflect trust and authority. It rewards the top 3 spots to businesses that Google deems to be the most trustworthy and most suitable to serve their users the best.

If your business has inconsistent NAP, spam links, or duplicate or unclaimed listings, then it loses trust in Google’s eyes. Naturally, websites or brands that have more backlinks from reputable sites, more brand mentions, more consistent information, and better reviews would be considered to be more trustworthy and better for their users.

The checklist below allows us to cover all angles as we try to send the best signals to Google about your business:


  • Find out what keywords you are currently ranking for.
  • Look for hidden gems with high search volume and low difficulty.
  • Find low hanging fruit - keywords that you are ranking on the second or third page that just need a little push to get to the first.


  • Check for inconsistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number).
  • Check for duplicate listings.
  • Check for incorrect information.
  • Claim unclaimed listings.
  • Complete listings profile by inserting descriptions, social media and photos.


  • Create a list of websites that link to yours.
  • Assess the quality of links and disavow links that could cause your website harm in the rankings.


  • Check 100% profile completion.
  • Check that photos have been uploaded and optimised.
  • Check for consistent NAP with Maps, GMB, and other Google profiles.


  • Review for content relevancy and originality (not a duplicate).
  • Check for quality content that could be used to earn links.


  • Employ systems used to manage and monitor customer reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.
  • Create a plan to get more positive reviews, minimise negative reviews, and respond effectively to questions and reports.


  • Look at technical on-page SEO elements such as title tags, heading tags, image optimisation, lsi keywords etc.
  • Optimise website speed.
  • Check mobile responsiveness.
  • Ensure pages use schema.org local business information.
  • Check for SEO friendly URL structure.
  • Use webmaster tools to set canonical address and target country.


  • Check who is your direct competition and discover their keywords.
  • Compare their local SEO profile to yours (backlinks, reviews, citations, on page SEO, etc.)

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